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Our Mission.

To provide access to affordable, sustainable and trusted creative education to all students with varying interests, ambitions and career aims.

Our Values

Creative Ed International are passionate advocates of creative education. We believe that individuals with a creative outlet not only thrive in their academic studies, they also have an increased ability to problem solve, communicate, innovate, and 'think outside the box'. Our courses, programmes and services are designed and written with the following values at the heart of them.


With over 50 years combined experience in pre-vocational and vocational training, performance art, writing and composing, and course designing, our programmes are of the highest industry standard.


We care about you and love building positive, long lasting relationships. Get in touch if you would like to work with us.

Collaborating with our every growing Creative Conservatoire, made up of professional organisations, colleges, and industry specialists, who provide ongoing consultation, we can ensure that our training is always industry relevant.


Every member of our team has or still is working in a creative industry. We love the power and opportunities that creative education provides.

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