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An innovative organisation driven by years of experience in the global creative education market, putting creativity back into the hands of the student and teacher.

About Us

Creative Ed International (CEI) is an innovative organisation driven by years of experience in the global education sector. We specialise in preparing students for creative employment and higher education, through fresh and affordable models that can be worked into any existing school curriculum. Our programmes assist young people that aspire to work in a creative industry or simply, those who want to develop their 'out of the box' thinking, problem solving ability and communication skills. Supported by many creative industry professional organisations, colleges and industry specialists, Creative Ed International offers a range of opportunities for all levels, abilities and interests. 


Whether you are a teacher wanting to give your school a unique selling point by integrating CEI's specialist programmes into your establishment, an aspiring creative in search of a stepping stone into further education, or an academic student wishing to develop a creative edge, CEI has something for you.

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