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Our Approach.

Trusted, affordable and sustainable training provided by industry experts, delivered by you.

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Our Approach

Quality experience and relevant skill acquisition.

The team at Creative Ed International have a profusion of skills and experience to recognise that creativity is fundamental to the cognitive development of our youth, workforce and economy. Alongside robust academia, a creative mind and skill set will set participants above the rest. Our programmes will ensure that the talent pipeline for all industries, not only the creative industry, will have access to visionaries and blue sky thinkers.

Creativity is not just about arts, crafts, music and holism, these are examples of mediums to acquire additional life skills.
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For this reason, whilst having fun and being able to foster the development of freedom of expression and independence, we  have designed programmes that focus on providing meaningful and employable skills, through a fresh approach. We provide opportunities to develop transitional and transferable skills ensuring that participants have an awareness and understanding of the skills they acquire and how they can apply them in the future.

Our highly experienced team work alongside world-class artists, UK professional colleges, universities and industry influencers to be able to offer accessible and interesting pathways to build participants' knowledge and skills.

Trusted, Affordable and Sustainable.

With the support, knowledge, and advice of our trusted patrons and affiliates, students and professionals will be involved with programmes and experiences that industry experts have helped design and deliver. World-class talent oversee and consult on our work to ensure that the quality, standard and reputation of Creative Ed International's products is outstanding, unique and value for money.

Participants and partners can trust that the experience they receive is focused and relevant to inspire and fulfil expectations. Programmes can be embedded in existing curriculums, staircased over time as a journey for young creative minds or to enhance existing adult skill sets. With flexible assessment methods and the ability to service quality and quantity, we are ready to up-skill your community at an affordable cost in comparison to existing traditional learning programmes.

With over 30 years of combined experience in delivering creative education and projects, Creative Ed International offers bite size and progressive education courses, corporate training and professional mentorship. This bespoke way of working makes Creative Ed International the new leaders in maximising sustainable, creative and employability skills through artistic approaches and leadership training.

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